Category: triplets

thirty tiny toes

oh how the heart swells for three.  extra room created within the chambers to make space for three times the amount of baby to love. mini mohawks in that newborn fluff.  soft little tufts of hair that can’t help but curl from all the cuteness. three times the amount of adorable-ness.  thirty little tic-tac-toes to […]

triple vision

i decided i was lacking in the area of twins/triplets.  i really wanted the experience but had no clue how to go about chatting up a mom of multiples and convincing her i wasn’t crazy as i begged to “shoot her triplets”.  [enter facebook feed updates]  during a check of facebook i noticed a woman […]

blessed busy

a perfectly busy weekend with some perfectly amazing people. brisk, fall walks along the boardwalk, triplet monkeys in a barrel and fun in the forest! it’s a bit hard to concentrate with all these pretty pictures to look at!