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Easter Sunday

It was a quiet little Easter over here in the land of the morning calm.  Papa was traveling so it was just us for the first half of the day but oh what a blessed day it was!  We somehow managed to get up and out to the sunrise service at our church without me screaming […]

can you hear me now

So you might notice my posting a multitude of things on dyslexia. It is a real adventure in our home and I am CONSTANTLY learning, right along side my daughter, how best to work with the challenges she faces. She loves to write stories but gets upset when others can’t read her pages riddled with spelling […]

my name is...

@amybphotography and i am addicted to instagram.  i love it.  i love that you can capture tiny, seemingly mundane moments of your daily life and share them with others.  i love that you are forced to think inside a twobytwo box of creativity.  i love that others can validate your creativity/weirdoness by liking your images. […]

i am not there

when i start a photo session with my clients, it sometimes takes a while for us all to “get it”.  they want to look at me and smile or maybe pose or do duck face but i want them to act natural.  so we play some games, i mess with their heads and within no […]

a visible wind

sometimes, we need a little help from our friends.  you know, to make fun or beautiful (or both) images.  the wind was not cooperating with us during my great idea so lindsay was the designated wind.  wanna see how? i use photoshop cs5 for my fine tune editing and it has this awesome feature called […]

focus people

i can’t swing him very high yet.  he’s only 8.5 months and hasn’t learned to hold on to the chain.  stupid baby.  [collective gasp] you know i am kidding.  but as we were at the park the other day, i was forced to remember how hard it is to take pictures of little people on […]