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By His Grace

Meet sweet Alannah!  What an angel baby!  Can you even handle those cheeks?! What a joy it was to watch big sister stick to her side like glue.  Wherever baby was, big sis had to be. Little brother wasn’t so sure about the new edition but in his own precious way, he stole time with baby […]

The First of Fall

When she first contacted me, I had my mind made up that I would not be taking clients here.  I had my reasons and they were sound BUT…there are just so many beautiful people, untold stories and amazing places to see here that I could not NOT photograph them.  It had been a bit of […]

and then we had korea

I said I wasn’t going to take any sessions in Korea.  I said I wouldn’t have time.  I said that I would be traveling too much and I wanted to focus on my own photos.  I said this wasn’t the season of life for me to be working. But these people were a good reason […]

he reads

this kid decided he wants to read today.  so he picked up a book…and he read. sitting next to him, hearing him put the letter sounds together and beam with joy over his success?  it was enough to make me tear up. even though we have incredibly tough days of not understanding one another, it’s […]

featured: the real kind

i did this awkward happy dance when i saw the link on facebook.  my kids thought i hurt myself and just stared at me with concern. “I have been FEATURED!!  On a super cool website!!  IT JUST WENT LIVE!”, i half yelled, half hisspered at them! they looked so confused.  i forget they don’t know […]

just a crib

almost ten years ago, we bought a crib.  at the time, it was just a bed for our baby girl that had to match the rest of the room and not kill her when she used it.  we loved that crib but at the same time, it was really just place to lay our little […]


meet burg hohenzollern.  about an hour south of stuttgart and an AWESOME place to visit for your castle fix.  since my dear, sweet lindsay and her son are visiting, we made a morning trip out.  turns out, with five kids under the age of nine in tow, you can spend the whole day here.  worth […]

bubble walk

we haven’t made an official summer bucket list but this was something we have wanted to do for some time.  couldn’t find any bubbles in the home (mom of the year) so we made some.  hence the pipe cleaner wands and lack of bubbles.  used a pinterest recipe but had to substitute two of the […]


i watch them play.  in and out of the curtain, laughing and running into each other.  two point five years apart, roughly. when i look at them, i see that the oldest was once four.  and he was once 18 months.  and it’s hard to remember what he was like then.  moments flash back between […]

greatly reduced in size

mini.  something small of it’s kind. mini person.  mini sweater.  mini big boy jeans with mini pockets.  mini chocolate in mini hands.  mini little man who big time melts me. #mini #projectlife365