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Our Team

I hear a lot of families or couples talk about how they are a team.  Even my husband and I say something along those lines every now and again.  But this family?  They are truly livin’ the team!  Meet my beautiful friend, Melanie, and her precious family.  I met her at a stage in life […]

so...this family

sometimes i wonder if you guys, my dear readers, get sick of the sappy stories i write about my clients.  if you think i might make it all up, just to fill spaces in between photos.  well, do you know what i get sick of?  falling in love with the most amazing people all the […]

family in my pocket

remember this awesome family?  you know…the ones i teased you with a few weeks back?  well here is the full session.  i love these people.  if i could put them in my pocket and take them everywhere with me, i would. don’t you just love them?  soren and his red hair and curiosity and witty […]

rocked my world

this family.  they took a chance on me, they invited me in and they rocked my world. and this little woman….she is my second favorite caelin in the world.  she is pretty stinkin awesome! when my business was new and growing, they let me photography finley.  fin was four months old at the time and […]

a visible wind

sometimes, we need a little help from our friends.  you know, to make fun or beautiful (or both) images.  the wind was not cooperating with us during my great idea so lindsay was the designated wind.  wanna see how? i use photoshop cs5 for my fine tune editing and it has this awesome feature called […]

fabulous by design

she is crazy talented.  in fact, i went a bit star struck when i realized who she was.  i am a recovering scrapbook addict and she is, like famous, in that world.  i used to buy her products (that she designed in her awesomeness of graphic designing) in both the ol paper & scissors style […]

big difference

she gave it to me as a gift.  she is SO thoughtful, noticed i had pinned it on pinterest and bought it for my sweet baby boy because…well…nothing could be more perfect.  thanks sis!  she knows that more often times than not, my kids are exactly that.  my assistants.  they help me pack my bags […]

nothing sweeter than this

ten years ago, we met on a photography expedition to costa rica.  for a few weeks, we were roommates as we traveled the country.  sharing cold grape fanta’s, meeting tribes of people who were afraid of our cameras and trying to keep our 100+ rolls of film from getting too damp.  lindsey was an awesome travel buddy […]

a spring engagement

if i could style a spring engagement shoot…it might look something like this.  two shoes choices, of course.  why would there only be one?  extra accessories to toy with, try on and just have a little fun with.  the jacket is insurance since we are in rain country folks.  that umbrella…it’s all-weather.  shade from the […]

happy day

i heart knee socks.  so does my daughter.  short socks “make my legs feel all cold and alone” she recently told me. we also share the same gene that says “i am not certain which valentines day socks to wear today, so i will just wear them both.” happy valentines day.