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Waking Out of A Blog Nap

Has it really been two years since I last posted?  Is anyone even still here?  It’s pretty embarassing and I kinda don’t know how to behave!  But I have been avoiding this void long enough.  Taking an uncomfortable step towards correction sooooo…just to update you, the last two years have brought about a lot of […]

this is us

One thing I love about human beings is the intricate and beautiful narratives they each hold within them.  No one story is the same but each one has it’s own allure.  I think this is why I love photography so much.  It combines my love of preserving memories, meeting beautiful people and telling stories that […]

Seoul Searching

When I used to daydream about all the beautiful places to travel and amazing places to see, my mind had not yet experienced an Asian culture.  It was like a color I had never seen and couldn’t even imagine.  In some ways, I feel like I finally have eyes to see. I have only been […]

being with Aana

When I met her for the first time, it was over pasta in a tiny German restaurant.  She sat at one end of the table and I at the other, separated by a handful of women and a tangle of conversations.  But in the midst of it all, she was smiling and sparkly and caught […]

so they always remember

Just as it was, back in 2001…our world stops turning on this day.  While the effects of that day are with us always, we can’t help but take a day off of the normal scheduled routine to stop all plans, and just reflect. I don’t want my kids to grow up without knowing how important […]

for aana

i haven’t known aana for very long.  in fact, i wasn’t even aware of her cancer story until this evening as i walked along side people who held her hand during chemo or prayed over her in her pain.  she is electric. back home, my amazing mother coordinates and walks for a relay for life […]

dating my daughter

there are certain things my husband does for our kids that just blow me away.  one of those being the time that he gives them.  in just a 24 hour period, on top of a very busy work schedule, I have watched him play board games, read books, and do garden projects with the kids. […]

just a crib

almost ten years ago, we bought a crib.  at the time, it was just a bed for our baby girl that had to match the rest of the room and not kill her when she used it.  we loved that crib but at the same time, it was really just place to lay our little […]

on creating things...

there is a love in me to create things.  beautiful things.  it doesn’t matter the medium, i find such joy and accomplishment in making lovely things for myself and others to enjoy.  the presentation of food, the warmth and comfort created in a home space or the wrapping of a well thought out gift…i love […]


hospital visits have always been something of anticipation for me.  minus the common trips to the urgent care (four kids?  three of them fearless boys? come on…) a hosptial trip has always meant i am about to meet my newest little person to love on.  but not this week. [prepare for overdramatization] i have to […]