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full sized sheets

you got bits n’ pieces of the sheets wedding but now…you get the full size post.  so this is michael and kate and you may have seen their faces around here before.  kate is part of the family that i am lucky enough to spend lots of time with.  michael is her beau.  and they […]

sheets of music

remember these two loverlies?  i know you have been on the edge of your seat to see more of their gorgeous wedding?!  click here for the slideshow and enjoy every minute of it! Slideshow Presentation – Showit Slideshow Licensed Music From Triple Scoop Featuring Mindy Gledhill – Anchor Images ©Amy B Photography Venue – Catta […]

schultz wedding

remember these gorgeous people?  i get to see them again tonight for their image reveal!!  check out their wedding slideshow here! slideshow made using Showit.

an intimate affair

it was a morning wedding followed by a scrumptious lunch at the corson building in seattle.  the 55 people present happened to be their closest friends and family and it was an intimate affair.  a beautiful day where the sun came out even though the forecast predicted heavy rain. her “somethings” and a fabulous, simple […]

sweet honey love

it’s her real name…honey.  at first, it felt weird, you know, calling her honey.  like it was too soon for a pet name or that i maybe sounded condescending.  but i am over it now.  and derek?  he got lucky!  not only is honey simply amazing…but he didn’t even have to make up a oogly, […]

we go together like

one taste was all it took.  just like diet coke, i am addicted.  i feel like yelling “slideshows for everyone!” at the top of my lungs as if i were serving them at a restaurant.  there something so so so special about these things…they seem to mean SO much to the people who receive them. […]