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Our Team

I hear a lot of families or couples talk about how they are a team.  Even my husband and I say something along those lines every now and again.  But this family?  They are truly livin’ the team!  Meet my beautiful friend, Melanie, and her precious family.  I met her at a stage in life […]

That Sisterly Love

It been a long time since I have written but a little update for you: we have moved from Korea and are enroute to Germany, with a month long lay-over through the states!  While I am so excited about this big move, I am even more thankful for the amazing families (like this fabulous bunch) […]

this is us

One thing I love about human beings is the intricate and beautiful narratives they each hold within them.  No one story is the same but each one has it’s own allure.  I think this is why I love photography so much.  It combines my love of preserving memories, meeting beautiful people and telling stories that […]

By His Grace

Meet sweet Alannah!  What an angel baby!  Can you even handle those cheeks?! What a joy it was to watch big sister stick to her side like glue.  Wherever baby was, big sis had to be. Little brother wasn’t so sure about the new edition but in his own precious way, he stole time with baby […]

The First of Fall

When she first contacted me, I had my mind made up that I would not be taking clients here.  I had my reasons and they were sound BUT…there are just so many beautiful people, untold stories and amazing places to see here that I could not NOT photograph them.  It had been a bit of […]

and then we had korea

I said I wasn’t going to take any sessions in Korea.  I said I wouldn’t have time.  I said that I would be traveling too much and I wanted to focus on my own photos.  I said this wasn’t the season of life for me to be working. But these people were a good reason […]

being with Aana

When I met her for the first time, it was over pasta in a tiny German restaurant.  She sat at one end of the table and I at the other, separated by a handful of women and a tangle of conversations.  But in the midst of it all, she was smiling and sparkly and caught […]

fresh blanket

we have been waiting for snow.  after our first year here giving us 5 months of consistent snowfall followed by a year of not even ONE snow day, we were ecstatic to wake up to a fresh blanket.  two days into our winter wonderland, we are rosy nosed and frigid toes of sledding and reindeer […]

have kids, will travel

we have been traveling with our kids a bit. at times it is stressful but more times than not, it is just amazing and we know the trip wouldn’t be the same without them! and more than any treasure we bring home, i love our photo memories the most.  just had to share some of […]

so...this family

sometimes i wonder if you guys, my dear readers, get sick of the sappy stories i write about my clients.  if you think i might make it all up, just to fill spaces in between photos.  well, do you know what i get sick of?  falling in love with the most amazing people all the […]