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Give Me Jesus and The Gym

Meet Caleb.  His sweet family and I became instant friends (through the help of a mutual friend) and right off the bat, I was impressed by Caleb.  He loves the Lord more than anything, he is a leader to his younger brothers and those around him, and he is more determined than most kids his […]

blue steel

I will be honest, shooting high school seniors makes me sweat.  I get nervous and start feeling really old and saying stupid things…more than normal.  But then I got the chance to photograph Jonathan.  Even though I have known him and his family for sometime, setting out for our shoot was a whole new ball […]

ryan the great

Meet Ryan.  He plays tennis like a boss and rocks those piano keys in the band.  His sense of humor of is on point and he was SO easy to photograph!  My favorite part about our evening?  I barely had to help him prepare for a photo.  He was straight zoolander and just knew what to […]

and her middle name is joy

meet abby.  when I think about what a happy person looks like, she is one of the first people to come to my mind.  she…is just a giant ball of sunshiney joy no matter what is going on.  and I adore that about her. we joked about having her fly over from the states (like […]

fantastically elaine

she told me she was “no good at getting her picture taken”.  do pants ever really catch on fire?  or pretty white summer dresses for that matter… whether she believed in herself or not, she was perfection in front of that lens.  i know elaine a fair amount.  i know that she is quiet in […]

my best friend, create

“creating” is a strange thing for me.  i crave it.  what i make may be ugly to some or not make sense to others but to make something with my mind, with my hands…it’s my BFF.  and when i do get to make something?  i turn two years old and i pull at my momma’s […]

sweetheart of a girl

this is alyshia…one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. i met her about a year and a half ago at our church.  we got to be cabin buddies at a winter camp and i have enjoyed getting to know her ever since.  i even get to see her twice a week.  twice.  lucky […]

natural beauty

this is leasa.  she is gorgeous…inside and out.  she is witty with the perfect touch of sarcasm and not afraid to ask questions. no matter where i asked her to go stand as we wandered the streets of tacoma, she just knew how to work it.  “stand on top of that wall” or “kneel next […]

come play with me

all he wanted to do was play.  first with a bouncy ball and then just ‘guys’.  he would take a break from saving the world to give me the most handsome smile ever but then quickly throw  himself back into the world of pretend play.  i loved it.  he even let me play.  i was […]

we go together like

one taste was all it took.  just like diet coke, i am addicted.  i feel like yelling “slideshows for everyone!” at the top of my lungs as if i were serving them at a restaurant.  there something so so so special about these things…they seem to mean SO much to the people who receive them. […]