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Itaewon Seoul

Our new home city.  Seoul, South Korea.  After being here for two weeks and ONLY focusing on setting up house, we celebrated the completion by exploring one of the nearby neighborhoods.  I might have squealed with joy as we walked through the gate on post and entered ACTUAL Seoul (base feels like America to me) and […]

being with Aana

When I met her for the first time, it was over pasta in a tiny German restaurant.  She sat at one end of the table and I at the other, separated by a handful of women and a tangle of conversations.  But in the midst of it all, she was smiling and sparkly and caught […]

there were no snakes

while I have always loved hiking…it’s become more obsessive lately.  maybe it is due to the fact that my kids are now all able to actually hike without being carried.  maybe it is because we have done a bit more exploring these last few months and I find myself wanting to see the scenic views […]

all the pretty cards

Christmas cards.  Holiday greetings from people near and far.  Something I look forward to making and sending every year, after a brief period of questioning why I put myself through the financial, mental and physical stress of it all.  Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely love picking out the fun photos to use, making the card (with a template […]

oh darling...let's be adventurers

It’s time for us to move again!  While we have absolutely LOVED our time here in Germany, the job needs us elsewhere.  And so….we are off… TO KOREA!  South.  In case you lost your marbles or haven’t seen the news.  Ever. That is right! Come the end of this summer, we will be off to […]

fresh blanket

we have been waiting for snow.  after our first year here giving us 5 months of consistent snowfall followed by a year of not even ONE snow day, we were ecstatic to wake up to a fresh blanket.  two days into our winter wonderland, we are rosy nosed and frigid toes of sledding and reindeer […]

he reads

this kid decided he wants to read today.  so he picked up a book…and he read. sitting next to him, hearing him put the letter sounds together and beam with joy over his success?  it was enough to make me tear up. even though we have incredibly tough days of not understanding one another, it’s […]

no bones about it

Homeschooling is a blast.  But it gets even MORE fun when you add in friends and food.  Today…we feasted with some of our favorites! The kids are learning about bones and the skeleton so we decided to make a fun project to go along with it.  Bonus…we got to eat our work! The kids worked […]

so they always remember

Just as it was, back in 2001…our world stops turning on this day.  While the effects of that day are with us always, we can’t help but take a day off of the normal scheduled routine to stop all plans, and just reflect. I don’t want my kids to grow up without knowing how important […]

have kids, will travel

we have been traveling with our kids a bit. at times it is stressful but more times than not, it is just amazing and we know the trip wouldn’t be the same without them! and more than any treasure we bring home, i love our photo memories the most.  just had to share some of […]