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Waking Out of A Blog Nap

Has it really been two years since I last posted?  Is anyone even still here?  It’s pretty embarassing and I kinda don’t know how to behave!  But I have been avoiding this void long enough.  Taking an uncomfortable step towards correction sooooo…just to update you, the last two years have brought about a lot of […]

Documenting December - Day Five

The fifth day of December meant the start of a new tradition!  We are a lego family so it was only fitting we build a Lego Christmas Village to enjoy for hopefully many years to come. To get the kids excited for this, we laid out a lego trail that led them to a table […]

Documenting December Day Four

He will be a teenager soon. He might go through a time where he won’t want to decorate the tree with his family. He might stop singing Christmas music with us one day. He might not be the first one to put on his Christmas jammies, shove a blanket under the belly and run around […]

Documenting December - Day Three

The second Sunday of Advent.  Because we missed the first one, we squeezed two in one for the day.  This year, we are reading an Advent story called Tabitha’s Travels and the kids BEG me to read extra each day.  And while this photo looks all serene and lovely, please know that we had our […]

Documenting December - Day Two

[sing the song] On the second day of December, some dirty rotten scoundrel gave to meeeeee, a stomach virus. [stop singing the song]  That’s it.  It doesn’t rhyme and I hate being sick.  So while I lay in bed, sleeping yesterday and today away, my beautiful and able children made crafts, drank who knows how much […]

Documenting December - Day One

Every year, I purpose my time to document the happenings of December.  Christmas is, to me, the most meaningful holiday of the year and cultivating purpose and tradition with my kids is high on my list.  Plus…there is just so much fun stuff going on! So every year, I make time to take normal, everyday, […]

Easter Sunday

It was a quiet little Easter over here in the land of the morning calm.  Papa was traveling so it was just us for the first half of the day but oh what a blessed day it was!  We somehow managed to get up and out to the sunrise service at our church without me screaming […]

can you hear me now

So you might notice my posting a multitude of things on dyslexia. It is a real adventure in our home and I am CONSTANTLY learning, right along side my daughter, how best to work with the challenges she faces. She loves to write stories but gets upset when others can’t read her pages riddled with spelling […]

Seoul Searching

When I used to daydream about all the beautiful places to travel and amazing places to see, my mind had not yet experienced an Asian culture.  It was like a color I had never seen and couldn’t even imagine.  In some ways, I feel like I finally have eyes to see. I have only been […]

beef and leaf

I met Korean BBQ today.  I think we are in love.  Unfortunately, I think I met the best Korean BBQ place in Itaewon (or so most review sites say) so it’s either all down hill from here or I need to be gracious to all others?  Maple Leaf in Itaewon drew me in on the […]