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Documenting December Day Four

He will be a teenager soon. He might go through a time where he won’t want to decorate the tree with his family. He might stop singing Christmas music with us one day. He might not be the first one to put on his Christmas jammies, shove a blanket under the belly and run around […]

the most thoughtful of gifts

Once upon a time, they asked me to be their photographer on the day of their wedding.  I fell in love with them and their ridiculously special ways and yesterday, they blew me away all over again. Its been four years since that beautiful, blessed union took place.  This weekend, they opened their charming home […]

all the pretty cards

Christmas cards.  Holiday greetings from people near and far.  Something I look forward to making and sending every year, after a brief period of questioning why I put myself through the financial, mental and physical stress of it all.  Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely love picking out the fun photos to use, making the card (with a template […]

just a crib

almost ten years ago, we bought a crib.  at the time, it was just a bed for our baby girl that had to match the rest of the room and not kill her when she used it.  we loved that crib but at the same time, it was really just place to lay our little […]


here’s the deal.  i am not legal to run my photography business here in germany nor do i plan on attempting to be so anytime in the near future.  instead, i am soaking up the moments of life with my family as we live in and explore europe.  this time off gives me many, many […]