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there were no snakes

while I have always loved hiking…it’s become more obsessive lately.  maybe it is due to the fact that my kids are now all able to actually hike without being carried.  maybe it is because we have done a bit more exploring these last few months and I find myself wanting to see the scenic views […]

have kids, will travel

we have been traveling with our kids a bit. at times it is stressful but more times than not, it is just amazing and we know the trip wouldn’t be the same without them! and more than any treasure we bring home, i love our photo memories the most.  just had to share some of […]

like the szalinskis

remember in Honey I Shrunk the Kids when Szalinski was looking for his children and being all weird in the backyard?  remember how the neighbors saw him and judged him and made so much fun of him? yeah.  i am Szalinski and my neighbors all think i am a whack job.  don’t mind the wet […]


meet burg hohenzollern.  about an hour south of stuttgart and an AWESOME place to visit for your castle fix.  since my dear, sweet lindsay and her son are visiting, we made a morning trip out.  turns out, with five kids under the age of nine in tow, you can spend the whole day here.  worth […]

bubble walk

we haven’t made an official summer bucket list but this was something we have wanted to do for some time.  couldn’t find any bubbles in the home (mom of the year) so we made some.  hence the pipe cleaner wands and lack of bubbles.  used a pinterest recipe but had to substitute two of the […]

the center

at the center of my table.  waiting patiently to see the center.  a bit of sunshine and color in the center of all this snow.  purchased at the farmer’s market in the center of my little town.  center. #projectlife365 #center


we say snow but, here in germany they call it schnee.  whatever you call it, it doesn’t seem to go a week without falling here, this winter.  and i love it.  like skip-through-the-flakes, catch-it-on-your-tongue, examine-the-awesome-shapes, and sit-in-the-peacefulness-of-it-all love it. even more when i spot little heart shaped snowflakes hugging as they fall.  you see it? […]

week four: macro

i am 31 years old.  i homeschool my kids.  no joke, i had no idea snowflakes really looked like the paper cut-outs i made in 2nd grade (or last week if we were being totally honest).  i know.  my kids are doomed. i am constantly amazed at the wonders God provides for us.  is he […]

week three: winter

the challenge?  winter. easy to do when you live in such a magically, snowy place. knee deep in snow, pulled off on the side of a road.  sideways glanced at and not able to feel my pointer finger. but i had to get it. this is winter here and now.  cold and covered, seemingly endless […]

week two: peace

remember that challenge i am taking part in?  no, not that one.  that one is a photo a day with hashtags and such.  no, this one is the photo a week one.  yeah.  with a new challenge each week to keep you on your toes and get you thinkin creatively…yeah, that one. this week’s challenge […]