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life lines

it was a final project in my college photography course.  a series of images based on whatever we wanted to photograph and i chose hands.  not just “hands” as we see them but the emotion so visible in how we use our hands.  friends still make fun of me for it, for asking nearly everyone […]

film: ferries

a trip across the sound.  alone.  and very aware of all the lovely details to be found on a form of aquatic transportation. the reflections.  and unknown faces behind.  the blaring horn that scares you so bad you end up laughing like a crazy person. the swirls.  the bubbles.  the searching for dolphins amidst the […]

film: cherry red

they grew up in that back yard.  up until recently, so did he. they weren’t for eating.  they were just for fun.  just so mama could take pictures of my red lipped boy with his red dripped treasures. he was proud.  and scared of bugs.  but more proud.  he snuck one to see what it […]