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Documenting December - Day One

Every year, I purpose my time to document the happenings of December.  Christmas is, to me, the most meaningful holiday of the year and cultivating purpose and tradition with my kids is high on my list.  Plus…there is just so much fun stuff going on! So every year, I make time to take normal, everyday, […]

The First of Fall

When she first contacted me, I had my mind made up that I would not be taking clients here.  I had my reasons and they were sound BUT…there are just so many beautiful people, untold stories and amazing places to see here that I could not NOT photograph them.  It had been a bit of […]

bridging the gap

This beautiful family will be growing by two feet in just a short time!  It was such an honor to photograph her incredibly special shower!  Being overseas and away from your family can be so very hard at times.  Times when you could really use a hug from familiar arms or moments when emailing someone good […]

and then we had korea

I said I wasn’t going to take any sessions in Korea.  I said I wouldn’t have time.  I said that I would be traveling too much and I wanted to focus on my own photos.  I said this wasn’t the season of life for me to be working. But these people were a good reason […]

Easter Sunday

It was a quiet little Easter over here in the land of the morning calm.  Papa was traveling so it was just us for the first half of the day but oh what a blessed day it was!  We somehow managed to get up and out to the sunrise service at our church without me screaming […]

being with Aana

When I met her for the first time, it was over pasta in a tiny German restaurant.  She sat at one end of the table and I at the other, separated by a handful of women and a tangle of conversations.  But in the midst of it all, she was smiling and sparkly and caught […]

jordan and tara

These two.  He wooed her by singing a Justin Bieber song in the most obvious manner.  She giggled in embarrassment but those lyrics (and his amazing voice obviously) won her over. Later, they shared the open mic at a coffee shop, serenading the guests (but really just each other) to She Is and Beautiful Disaster. He […]

for this child we have prayed

Just when you think your heart is going to burst… Congratulations Carroll Family.  It is truly an honor to call you friends and to be included in the most cherished moments of your lives.   Five years ago, they gifted me the privilege of photographing their intimate, beach-side wedding, surround by their favorite people.   […]

all the pretty cards

Christmas cards.  Holiday greetings from people near and far.  Something I look forward to making and sending every year, after a brief period of questioning why I put myself through the financial, mental and physical stress of it all.  Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely love picking out the fun photos to use, making the card (with a template […]

fresh blanket

we have been waiting for snow.  after our first year here giving us 5 months of consistent snowfall followed by a year of not even ONE snow day, we were ecstatic to wake up to a fresh blanket.  two days into our winter wonderland, we are rosy nosed and frigid toes of sledding and reindeer […]