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Our Team

I hear a lot of families or couples talk about how they are a team.  Even my husband and I say something along those lines every now and again.  But this family?  They are truly livin’ the team!  Meet my beautiful friend, Melanie, and her precious family.  I met her at a stage in life […]

That Sisterly Love

It been a long time since I have written but a little update for you: we have moved from Korea and are enroute to Germany, with a month long lay-over through the states!  While I am so excited about this big move, I am even more thankful for the amazing families (like this fabulous bunch) […]

this is us

One thing I love about human beings is the intricate and beautiful narratives they each hold within them.  No one story is the same but each one has it’s own allure.  I think this is why I love photography so much.  It combines my love of preserving memories, meeting beautiful people and telling stories that […]

all things in bloom

Meet Anna and Jake!  I met Anna at a baby shower and was so thankful she contacted me for photos!  I had SO much fun with the three of them (Hi Baby!!) and we seriously laughed the entire time!  These guys didn’t need to be posed or told what to do…they were just magic!  They […]

By His Grace

Meet sweet Alannah!  What an angel baby!  Can you even handle those cheeks?! What a joy it was to watch big sister stick to her side like glue.  Wherever baby was, big sis had to be. Little brother wasn’t so sure about the new edition but in his own precious way, he stole time with baby […]

Documenting December - Day Seven

Receiving mail is one of my very favorite things in life.  Handwritten letters, postcards, gifts wrapped in bubble paper or even a good ol’ Hallmark card with a few loving words are treasures I save forever!  Our lives are filled with instant gratification but the anticipation and patience required with standard mail delivery is thrilling.  […]

Documenting December - Day Five

The fifth day of December meant the start of a new tradition!  We are a lego family so it was only fitting we build a Lego Christmas Village to enjoy for hopefully many years to come. To get the kids excited for this, we laid out a lego trail that led them to a table […]

Documenting December Day Four

He will be a teenager soon. He might go through a time where he won’t want to decorate the tree with his family. He might stop singing Christmas music with us one day. He might not be the first one to put on his Christmas jammies, shove a blanket under the belly and run around […]

Documenting December - Day Three

The second Sunday of Advent.  Because we missed the first one, we squeezed two in one for the day.  This year, we are reading an Advent story called Tabitha’s Travels and the kids BEG me to read extra each day.  And while this photo looks all serene and lovely, please know that we had our […]

Documenting December - Day Two

[sing the song] On the second day of December, some dirty rotten scoundrel gave to meeeeee, a stomach virus. [stop singing the song]  That’s it.  It doesn’t rhyme and I hate being sick.  So while I lay in bed, sleeping yesterday and today away, my beautiful and able children made crafts, drank who knows how much […]