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just BE with them

Once upon a time, I followed this crazy, creative beauty on Instagram.  She is wicked talented, has like a million followers and posts the most beautiful, inspirational things!  After I moved to Seoul, I suddenly recognized the settings in her photos as places I was newly exploring… and then discovered WE LIVED IN THE SAME CITY!!  […]

Documenting December - Day Seven

Receiving mail is one of my very favorite things in life.  Handwritten letters, postcards, gifts wrapped in bubble paper or even a good ol’ Hallmark card with a few loving words are treasures I save forever!  Our lives are filled with instant gratification but the anticipation and patience required with standard mail delivery is thrilling.  […]

all the pretty cards

Christmas cards.  Holiday greetings from people near and far.  Something I look forward to making and sending every year, after a brief period of questioning why I put myself through the financial, mental and physical stress of it all.  Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely love picking out the fun photos to use, making the card (with a template […]

on creating things...

there is a love in me to create things.  beautiful things.  it doesn’t matter the medium, i find such joy and accomplishment in making lovely things for myself and others to enjoy.  the presentation of food, the warmth and comfort created in a home space or the wrapping of a well thought out gift…i love […]

an album or three

when i was little, it was under the coffee table and had tissue paper in between the pages.  i could only look at it if i washed my hands and sat on the floor with my legs stretched out in front of me.  the leather felt cold on my bare skin at first touch and […]

my name is...

@amybphotography and i am addicted to instagram.  i love it.  i love that you can capture tiny, seemingly mundane moments of your daily life and share them with others.  i love that you are forced to think inside a twobytwo box of creativity.  i love that others can validate your creativity/weirdoness by liking your images. […]

announcing ford

i do not have patience.  not even sure what it really is other than someone tells me i am not allowed to do something, i don’t listen and then i get my hand slapped.  but this time…i won.  she didn’t tell me not to share (in fact, i think she told me i could) but […]


i like to make things.  like scrapbooks, birth announcements and babies.  this little project covered all three!  [wink wink]  i had this printed (double side) 5×7 on a heavy stock, matte card to be mailed out to family and friends.  love these little personal projects! all images ©Amy B Photography 2011

2011 fabulous mini sessions

Mini Sessions were such a hit last year that I wanted to repeat the fabulous.  For $275, you get a 30 minute session and your choice of a Print Package or Custom Photo Greeting Cards.  Take your pick of three different cities on three different days.  They book up fast so please email me to […]

my best friend, create

“creating” is a strange thing for me.  i crave it.  what i make may be ugly to some or not make sense to others but to make something with my mind, with my hands…it’s my BFF.  and when i do get to make something?  i turn two years old and i pull at my momma’s […]