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full sized sheets

you got bits n’ pieces of the sheets wedding but now…you get the full size post.  so this is michael and kate and you may have seen their faces around here before.  kate is part of the family that i am lucky enough to spend lots of time with.  michael is her beau.  and they […]

sheets of music

remember these two loverlies?  i know you have been on the edge of your seat to see more of their gorgeous wedding?!  click here for the slideshow and enjoy every minute of it! Slideshow Presentation – Showit Slideshow Licensed Music From Triple Scoop Featuring Mindy Gledhill – Anchor Images ©Amy B Photography Venue – Catta […]

here's to you mrs.robinson

she giggled like crazy at everything i said the night i first met her.  i liked her instantly.  so when she asked if i would photograph her wedding before her beau had even proposed, there was no question about it.  i was beyond flattered and wanted to call todd in kuwait and make him propose […]

schultz wedding

remember these gorgeous people?  i get to see them again tonight for their image reveal!!  check out their wedding slideshow here! slideshow made using Showit.

kris & rachael

august.  it was hot that day.  her smile was more radiant than the overhead sun and his excitement was beyond contagious.  it was a gorgeous. sneakers.  they are her thing.  instead of cramming her tootsies in a gorgeous shoe that her feet would fight, she wore a beautiful new set of an old fav.  and […]

an intimate affair

it was a morning wedding followed by a scrumptious lunch at the corson building in seattle.  the 55 people present happened to be their closest friends and family and it was an intimate affair.  a beautiful day where the sun came out even though the forecast predicted heavy rain. her “somethings” and a fabulous, simple […]

shea part two

they met in college at western thanks to a mutual friend group.  four years later, they ran in to each other again, this time at a wine tasting in walla walla.  then, just three days later, in portland for two random reasons, two beautiful people ran in to each other all over again.  one was […]

lauren and connor

meet connor and lauren.  two of the most genuine people i have ever met.  i was so honored to be the one they chose to photograph their wedding.  they treated me like we were the oldest of friends and shared with me the sweet stories of their deep, true love for each other.  the entire […]

a spring engagement

if i could style a spring engagement shoot…it might look something like this.  two shoes choices, of course.  why would there only be one?  extra accessories to toy with, try on and just have a little fun with.  the jacket is insurance since we are in rain country folks.  that umbrella…it’s all-weather.  shade from the […]

happy feet

under that beautiful white dress, with it’s layers of shimmery fabrics and sheer whites, there are always two excited feet.  of course, the dress is exactly what the bride imagined she would wear on her wedding day but her shoes…those are the real girl.  some choose white or cream to match elegantly match to their […]