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jordan and tara

These two.  He wooed her by singing a Justin Bieber song in the most obvious manner.  She giggled in embarrassment but those lyrics (and his amazing voice obviously) won her over. Later, they shared the open mic at a coffee shop, serenading the guests (but really just each other) to She Is and Beautiful Disaster. He […]

the most thoughtful of gifts

Once upon a time, they asked me to be their photographer on the day of their wedding.  I fell in love with them and their ridiculously special ways and yesterday, they blew me away all over again. Its been four years since that beautiful, blessed union took place.  This weekend, they opened their charming home […]

dating my daughter

there are certain things my husband does for our kids that just blow me away.  one of those being the time that he gives them.  in just a 24 hour period, on top of a very busy work schedule, I have watched him play board games, read books, and do garden projects with the kids. […]

an album or three

when i was little, it was under the coffee table and had tissue paper in between the pages.  i could only look at it if i washed my hands and sat on the floor with my legs stretched out in front of me.  the leather felt cold on my bare skin at first touch and […]

good day to be a Day

remember this gorgeous couple?  the one i have been not-on-purpose teasing you with?  the one you have been hounding me (with your facebook, email and even instagram comments) to see?  welp… [said in my greatest Rafiki from Lion King voice] it is time. she had never dated anyone else.  not because there was no one […]

a visible wind

sometimes, we need a little help from our friends.  you know, to make fun or beautiful (or both) images.  the wind was not cooperating with us during my great idea so lindsay was the designated wind.  wanna see how? i use photoshop cs5 for my fine tune editing and it has this awesome feature called […]

on island time

he brought her most favorite cookies for her to snack on pre-wedding.  he loves her like that.  he called her “my darling” and she lit up from the sound.  she pretended to gag everytime something sweet or sappy was said but deep down, i think she loved it. this place?  it was important.  built by […]

sneak to the sneak

i really really really really really want to post this gorgeous wedding today but it will have to wait a few days.   so i am going to sneak peek the sneak peek to you!  aren’t they lovely?!  come back in a few days or wait for me to flood your news feed on facebook…it’s […]

nick + lauren

there is so much story about this beautiful wedding.  so many loving people that came together to help pull this celebration off.   so many people that adore this couple and this family.  just so much warm and fuzzy love wrapped in to one big, joyous union!  every detail, every bit of decoration, every service […]

lauren + nick

going through this gorgeous couple’s photos and find myself gasping.  out loud.  really?!  so much beauty in one couple?!  do you hear that chorus of angels singing… can’t wait to share more!!!