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can I love you?

over a year ago, we sat next to them at a restaurant.  she was magical with a glowing smile and he was an impressive yet modest man.  instant adoration.  we kept in touch and discussed the possibility of photographing the baby they would one day have.  one year later, those baby wishes are snuggled warmly […]

a split second

north of the united states, in the middle of school and totally consumed with that which he wishes to consume…he sits.  not in a chair, not at his table but in the middle of it all, on top of it all. and i love him in this moment too much to move him.  or help […]

daily life

it ain’t easy being small.  what is it about being a grown up that just seems so awesome? every day, i watch my little people avoid naps, dress up in big people clothes, be bored and pretend they can drive a line of chairs.  just wait, you four.  one day… you will BEG for someone […]


thought i would copy something i saw on pinterest.  first baby?  first ornament?  should be easy enough. nope.  remember that thing they teach you in baby class about how baby’s have that gorilla grip thing that has them close their hands really tight?  i learned they don’t close it tight on things… we painted the […]

the angels next door

she would see me, stressing out over whatever lastest dilemma i had gotten myself into and she would offer to take my kids.  she had up to six kids in her home at any one time she offered, yet she was sincere and willing.  she and the kids made cookies for us for no reason. […]

my little truffula

“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.” ? Dr. Seuss, The Lorax don’t know what a trufula tree is?  well you should watch the lorax.  or look at this picture of a truffula tree.

a good kinda payne

she approached me over a year ago about this session.  she claimed she had to have this and there was lots of rapid hand movements as she spoke.  she was serious.  i was humbled.  she is a friend, a meal-maker-and-deliverer-for-you-when-you’ve-just-had-a-baby, a bible-study-grouper, a play-dater and an amazing florist whom i have had the pleasure of […]

i am not there

when i start a photo session with my clients, it sometimes takes a while for us all to “get it”.  they want to look at me and smile or maybe pose or do duck face but i want them to act natural.  so we play some games, i mess with their heads and within no […]

because they asked

we have been going for a lot of bike rides lately.  i grew up in this neighborhood but i had never seen this spot before.  we were there in the blazes of noon and my girl casually asked me if this looked like a good place for a photo shoot.  “like at sunset?  with the […]

project life

i used to be addicted to scrapbooking.  i used to make pages with tons of embellishments and glorious patterns or textures.  or both. now…i just want to take pictures.  i don’t have time for glue dots and felt flowers and distressed chipboard. so i take images of my day that tell the story of our […]