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this is us

One thing I love about human beings is the intricate and beautiful narratives they each hold within them.  No one story is the same but each one has it’s own allure.  I think this is why I love photography so much.  It combines my love of preserving memories, meeting beautiful people and telling stories that […]

all things in bloom

Meet Anna and Jake!  I met Anna at a baby shower and was so thankful she contacted me for photos!  I had SO much fun with the three of them (Hi Baby!!) and we seriously laughed the entire time!  These guys didn’t need to be posed or told what to do…they were just magic!  They […]

By His Grace

Meet sweet Alannah!  What an angel baby!  Can you even handle those cheeks?! What a joy it was to watch big sister stick to her side like glue.  Wherever baby was, big sis had to be. Little brother wasn’t so sure about the new edition but in his own precious way, he stole time with baby […]

bridging the gap

This beautiful family will be growing by two feet in just a short time!  It was such an honor to photograph her incredibly special shower!  Being overseas and away from your family can be so very hard at times.  Times when you could really use a hug from familiar arms or moments when emailing someone good […]

and then we had korea

I said I wasn’t going to take any sessions in Korea.  I said I wouldn’t have time.  I said that I would be traveling too much and I wanted to focus on my own photos.  I said this wasn’t the season of life for me to be working. But these people were a good reason […]

for this child we have prayed

Just when you think your heart is going to burst… Congratulations Carroll Family.  It is truly an honor to call you friends and to be included in the most cherished moments of your lives.   Five years ago, they gifted me the privilege of photographing their intimate, beach-side wedding, surround by their favorite people.   […]

awaiting kate

When we met, nine years ago, she was certain she and her husband didn’t want to have kids.    I remember telling her things like “Well, I am glad you know exactly what you want!” and “It’s totally fine!  Not everyone wants to have kids and that is ok!” and it was.  But the years […]

warming my heart

the temperature went south real quick here.  the leaves changed clothes and the rains blanketed every minute of the day.  it’s grey and windy and you just really don’t want to be anywhere but under a blanket, cozied up with the ones you love. this girl.  she warms my heart.  her friendship is real and […]

featured: the real kind

i did this awkward happy dance when i saw the link on facebook.  my kids thought i hurt myself and just stared at me with concern. “I have been FEATURED!!  On a super cool website!!  IT JUST WENT LIVE!”, i half yelled, half hisspered at them! they looked so confused.  i forget they don’t know […]

just a crib

almost ten years ago, we bought a crib.  at the time, it was just a bed for our baby girl that had to match the rest of the room and not kill her when she used it.  we loved that crib but at the same time, it was really just place to lay our little […]