Category: 52 week challenge

natural symmetry

week 10 of my photography challenge group = finding symmetry in nature.  a bit harder than you would expect.  after a little nature walk and a card full of images i felt meh about them all.  but then…this little sprout caught my attention.  as my daughter pointed out, it’s “double symmetry!”. afterward, turned around to […]

week four: macro

i am 31 years old.  i homeschool my kids.  no joke, i had no idea snowflakes really looked like the paper cut-outs i made in 2nd grade (or last week if we were being totally honest).  i know.  my kids are doomed. i am constantly amazed at the wonders God provides for us.  is he […]

week three: winter

the challenge?  winter. easy to do when you live in such a magically, snowy place. knee deep in snow, pulled off on the side of a road.  sideways glanced at and not able to feel my pointer finger. but i had to get it. this is winter here and now.  cold and covered, seemingly endless […]

week two: peace

remember that challenge i am taking part in?  no, not that one.  that one is a photo a day with hashtags and such.  no, this one is the photo a week one.  yeah.  with a new challenge each week to keep you on your toes and get you thinkin creatively…yeah, that one. this week’s challenge […]

week one: selfie

so i joined a year long photography challenge group run by a sweet friend.  this being the first week, i was stoked to get the newest assignment (she hides them from us!) and get to gettin creative. self portrait. shoot.  this is difficult. how hard is it to do a self portrait without looking like […]