can't miss em

by Amy

they stood out at the church we were attending for the fist time.  not because he is ten feet tall or because she has the most killer heels…no.  it’s those adorable boys and how john is so sweet with them at nursery pick up and drop off.  it is her awesome smile and how genuine she is when she speaks with you.  it is because they are so stinkin rad that life just isn’t the same without them.  lucky for me, they allowed me the evening to photograph their precious family at play just before they moved.  think i can hold these photos hostage to get them back over here?  i kid…maybe.

are they not the most beautiful family?  inside and out.  suzanne will do anything to help anyone in need.  she will force you on a date night AND watch your kids AND bring over a full dinner with leftovers and dessert AND clean AND make your house smell good.  john will teach your kids how to play basketball AND hook you up with seats to the best games AND watch all six kids so you and your buddy can have twenty minutes of quiet time on the porch to chat AND make you a meal to enjoy at the same time.  phew.  are you getting the fact that these guys are amazing?  are you catching the hints that i miss them?  are you hearing how much of a creeper i sound like?  good.  at least we are all on the same page.

love you guys.  enjoy your summer and know how thankful i am that no matter where we live, this friendship is just starting!