can I love you?

by Amy

over a year ago, we sat next to them at a restaurant.  she was magical with a glowing smile and he was an impressive yet modest man.  instant adoration.  we kept in touch and discussed the possibility of photographing the baby they would one day have.  one year later, those baby wishes are snuggled warmly in their arms and i feel like the luckiest photographer in the world.  come and meet owen!

owen’s daddy is an f-16 pilot and again, very modest about what a rockstar he is.  not only did he give his precious son some visual cribside goals but he jumped right in with the diapers and the multiple clothing changes and the cuddling.  see?  rockstar!

of course, their first child is going through an adjustment period.  [wink wink]  she was a good sport but made sure to make herself conveniently located near by…just in case she was needed.

it has been a bit of time since i held such a fresh human being but this little dude straight up stole my heart.  somewhere from the depths of me burst out “can I love him?!” to his mama.  it was so real and so unabashedly true.  not only is he one of the most beautiful little men i have ever witnessed, he was just so sweet.  and cuddly.  and just a joy to behold.  loving him was the only thing possible and thankfully, his mama smiled and agreed.

sometimes siblings get jealous.  “look at me!  photograph me!  i can pose on the bed and be adorable too ya know!”

life changes happen so slowly at times, that we don’t really notice it happening.  from wedding dresses to singing lambs and soaker spa treatments to baby tubs, the transformation is a quiet one but also the most awesome one to behold.  i didn’t know emily and alex that well as a couple before owen, but i loved catching glimpses of their newly written chapter as it overlapped with their last.

it was also my privilege to be there with BOTH sets of grandparents.  now remember, we are in germany and family is almost always in the states so to have both sides present?  what a blessing!  emily’s parents had already been there for a time and took up the standard grandparent roll of holding the baby so mama can eat, amongst many others.  but joy of joys was it, to watch alex’s parents literally get out of the car and meet their new and first grand-baby.  tears.  all down my face and that nikon.  so amazing to see luggage kicked aside after probably 24 hours worth of travel time and no sleep, just to get at that precious boy of theirs.

seriously, what a blessing to have all your parents there with you in those first few weeks of life.  such a treasure…

three generations.

owen?  thank you for letting me hold you and cuddle you and smell you.  thank you for being such a perfect little guy throughout the morning and for letting me get all up in your face and life.  can you tell your mom and dad thank you too?  for opening their home to me, for allowing me to be there in such a time of adjustment and newness.  tell your dad thanks for putting up with all my silly aviation questions.  he was a good sport.  and he seems like an amazing man to have for a father.  and can you tell your mom thank you for letting me love you?  oh, and tell her thank you for being so real and laid back through all of this.  i honestly could have spent the whole day, sitting on the floor of your nursery, talking to her about her awesome blog, her jobs of the past, her mad cooking/planning skills and her travels.  you are one lucky guy to have such a great family to love.  owen, i really hope i get to see you again soon.  you really are a blessing, child.