bubble walk

by Amy

we haven’t made an official summer bucket list but this was something we have wanted to do for some time.  couldn’t find any bubbles in the home (mom of the year) so we made some.  hence the pipe cleaner wands and lack of bubbles.  used a pinterest recipe but had to substitute two of the three ingredients due to my lacking pantry.  sheesh…on a roll here.

but the best part?  kids didn’t care.  they loved all three bubbles they were able to blow at one time.  they pondered why there bubbles weren’t shaped like the wands in their hands.  they taste tested the bubbles and, much to their dismay, they didn’t taste like lime jello.  they spilled nearly all of my hard [lame] work and they fought over who got to pop the next bubble.  but it was an event to be repeated.

we love you summer.  and bubbles.

littlest couldn’t hang with the big boys and their karate chopping bubble abilities.  so he went with his gut.  literally.  and sis was all to happy to help.  sticky bellied-boy.

i love our spot on the map.  i have to pinch myself sometimes in order to believe i really do get to live here.

and one of my fav photos of the night ended up being from my phone.  who woulda thought?!  and in case you are interested in the recipe used to make these bubbles:

2 cups tap water (supposed to be distilled water)

8 tbsp liquid dish soap (supposed to be 4 tbsp but i got carried away in my testing)

2 tbsp sugar (supposed to be glycerin that you can buy at the pharmacy area of your local drug store or karro syrup)

stir all ingredients well and let sit 24 hours for best results.  i let them sit for 30 minutes and that may be why our bubbles weren’t fantastic…yet!  going to remake with the proper ingredients and see if i get better results!