bradley bump...

by Amy

isn’t she lovely?  meet debbie.  under that sweet and innocent smile is a sweet and innocent woman with a huge heart, a few big fat degrees and whole lotta amazingness.  she rides dirt bikes and drives a big ol truck and giggles in the cutest way.  this is baby number two for her…one boy to add to her one girl.  a perfect little family.

she is one of those amazing women to admire.  she is some sort of fancy biochemical engineer/pharmacist/super woman (there may be slight exaggeration in the engineer part) and she rocks the working mom thang.  this baby sure is going to be lucky getting even a hint of her genius and hardcore-ness passed on.

and like i said, she has the biggest heart.  so thoughtful of those around her, such a good mommy to sweet brooke and such a tender disposition.  i am lucky enough to call her friend AND neighbor and truly enjoy the times we get to spend together.

this is the man that stands by her side.  he is a rockstar as well.  quiet at first and made me feel a bit unsure of my standings with him when we first met but….dude has got some layers.  he too is some sort of crazy genius.  he grows coral (yes, the underwater creatures) from their very beginnings as polyps to full grown fans of beauty.  he rides dirt bikes, cooks up some amazing meals and has this rad soft side that only comes out for his woman and his baby.

big sister brooke is just a doll.  carefree, adventurous and kind just like her mother, she makes the perfect big sis.  if i was being honest, my favorite part about our sessions is when she grabs my hand to walk with me or giggles at one of my lame jokes.  love that little lady.

thank you debbie, rocky and brooke.  thank you for allowing me in on those sweet moments before baby brother joined in on the fun.  thank you for the hand holding and the sweet smiles and all the other pure kindness that you have shown me and continue to show me.  debbie….you are a stunning and glowing mama to be.  baby boy is so lucky to get you for his mama.

debbie booked my bump to bundle session which includes a mini maternity and mini newborn session for the price of one.  stay tuned for tomorrow to meet baby bradley.