blessed union

by Amy

They kept thanking me for being there.  Hugging me, long and hard, over and over, they kept thanking me…as if my very presence was the best gift they had ever received.  It made me blush.  Did they really think that THEY were the one's being blessed with the amazing gift?  Because, from where I stood…I was clearly the beneficiary.

There is no comparison to Miss Colby.  I have known her husband for years.  Think back to the days of Boyz II Men, Adidas Jackets and the start of Jim Carey's career.  But, finally meeting her, hug to hug just two short days before her wedding will most definitely remain in my greatest memories file.  She is beautiful to the core.  Kindness flows not only through her sweet words but her graceful body language.  She glows with the light of Christ and sets heart aflame for Jesus with just the simple mention of her "Sweet Time" with Him.  She loves.  Deeply, fully, graciously and honestly…of everyone she meets.  She. Is. Amazing.

And so is her family.  The love that flows from them is just down right addictive.  I didn't ever want to leave their vicinity!  

As her beautiful mother put it, they are a prayin' family.  She didn't need to say it…I knew.  Anyone who sees them would know.  And if you have even the slightest request or concern…honey, you better know they will pray over you!  Prayer for the good times, prayer for the bad times, prayer for others and prayer to have the angels hold back the rain.  Of all the moments, the moments I spent bathed in the tender words of their prayers…those were my favorite.

She yearned just to be his wife.  She could hardly contain herself as she caught her first glance of him through the window.  While she was jumping up and down, squealing (in the most darling squeal of course) about how she couldn't wait to be his wife, I noticed how the entire restaurant around her seemed to join in.  It was almost like her excitement made all the other people desire to be Ben's wife too!

Her father did not only walk her down the aisle, he led her straight to her new life as Mrs. Carroll.

Can't you just see it in her eyes? 

And oh how he loves her.  His eyes, they light up with every glance.  He has one special smile that is only unwrapped for Colby.  She is his world.  She used to hate surprises until he wouldn't quit surprising her.  He brought her breakfast on the morning of their wedding.  He prayed with her in the quiet moments as the day began.  He loves her with every fiber of his being.

Carried away by her Prince Charming…her knight in shining armor.  This is the man she had prayed for…the man she trusted God to bring to her.  The man that God brought to her in his own perfect time.  Carried away by her one and only.

Two amazing families brought together by two amazing people.  Their smiles say it all.

Their giggles were like a sweet sweet song.  And they sang all weekend long!  

Cancun itself was beautiful.  Isla Mujeres was quaint and relaxing.  The magic of the entire trip came from the union of this couple.  I am honored to have been the fly on the wall.

To Mr. & Mrs. Carroll.  Thank you.  I love you both.