blessed busy

by Amy

i do not outright declare this but something in me craves “busy”.  free time and i…we don’t ever cross paths.  there is something in me that just keeps me saying yes, keeps me seeking new things and keeps me on the brink of insanity.  and i love it.

this weekend was no different as i had three amazing sessions with three amazing families!  i will save my heartfelt stories of each of these ridiculously good-looking families for their individual blog posts but i had to just post a few because…well…i don’t know what self control is.

saturday morning was spent with miss finley and family.

nothing is cuter than baby chucks.  and green tu-tus.  and dirty knees from crawling in green tu-tu’s with a pair of chucks on.

daddy + his little girl = love

saturday afternoon was my first set of multiples and it was pure heaven and total torture at the same time.  heaven because they were SO easy to work with and torture because i just wanted to play with them/cuddle them instead.  maybe i should photograph things i don’t care for much…nah.

mommy and daddy of these three were down for anything, so when the discussion of halloween costumes came up, putting them in a barrel was no argument.  get it?  barrel o’ monkeys?  we were stopping traffic at this point.

if these kiddos would have lasted (we already had spent two hours together at this point), i would have messed with them in those costumes ALL day!

i was lucky enough to spend a sweet sunday afternoon in the park with dana and family.  tons of fun as we walked around a small lake and played in the forest!

please know, her eyes really are that amazing!  the beautiful blue sky was being reflected in them but they really are awesome!

little miss was a total ham for the camera.  i hope momma didn’t mind me prompting them to throw up leaves in the air.  in my defense, i didn’t think about all the dirt that would go along with it!

such a fun weekend with so many amazing people.  i simply could not wait for each of their sneak peeks and had to do a few of my favs from each one!  more to come…