bittersweet symphony

by Amy

the day couldn’t start out easier?  rain.  speeding tickets.  someone falling in a parking lot.  missing necklace and earrings.  delivery times delayed.  dress straps busting.  poor laura.  it was a lot to deal with right before she was about to walk down the aisle.

dresses were fixed.  jewelry was found.  hips can be replaced and tickets can be crumpled up…for now.  they were gettin’ hitched and they couldn’t wait.  and laura…she just looked breath-taking through it all.

whatever nerves and worries they were feeling before the wedding were immediately forgotten when they saw each other as her father led her towards her future.

they were married in the church their family has attended for 20 years.  father jack was so proud to say that he has married 2/3 of the akin’s children (no pressure mike) in that very building.  it was a simple and beautiful service with all their close friends and family involved and in attendance.

it always gives me goosebumps to see the support of the friends and family as they pray over the couple.  a sea of hands, outstretched towards the bride and groom, all praying for these two people as they enter in to marriage.

and two became one.

after the receiving line they ran through oodles of bubbles to the limo tim had secretly arranged to carry his bride away.  those are the best kind of secrets!

laura thought so too!  of course…she always thinks tim is amazing but today, when he went from fiance status to the husband upgrade, she looked particularly in love.

laura has these amazing eyes…the kind that smile even when her mouth doesn’t match it.  tim has this comfort about him…the kind that makes everyone around him feel at ease and genuinely cared for. it is really awesome how these two compliment each other with just those two attributes.  all the stress of the day was washed away by the joy of their union and you could almost see it happen.

sadly, laura’s mother had passed away less than a year before their wedding.  along with a special moment in the service to remember her mother, laura kept a tiny cork-topped bottle of mama’s ashes on her bouquet, right near her hands.  their entire day was filled with sweet details that included all the people they love.

if you remember they are big huge seattle seahawks fans so it was only fitting for them to make their grand entrance into the reception…seahawks style.  in case you didn’t know (i won’t hold it against you) the seahawks team players are brought on to the field to the song bittersweet symphony.  with blue and green lights, a fog machine and the lovely anthem, they stormed the reception.  it was glorious.

the lovely cake they did not smash in to each other’s faces.  again, made by a friend of the family who even went to great lengths to dye the ribbons on the cake to match the bridesmaids dresses.  there are a great deal of people that love this couple.

then there is one great little person that loves them the most.  sweet abby, their two year old daughter, didn’t hesitate to find mama and daddy after her long nap.  the rest of the night was spent either dancing or loving on mama.  we couldn’t get over her adorable ruffle socks.  seriously…there are probably 100 pictures of just those frilly socks.

i have known tim and his family for a loooooong time.  since seventh grade long.  this face is classic tim after a classic mo (maureen if I have to be formal) comment.  there is a really unique closeness between tim and his parents.  the kind that isn’t just put on for show on their wedding day but lived out every day.  i always love going over to maureen and dave’s home because i know i will get to see at least one of their children/grandchildren…and usually it is tim.

One of the most awesome receptions i have been to in a long time.  everyone dancing.  everyone laughing.  a good time was had by all.  i am not sure if tim and laura did this on purpose but they happened to have a lot of friends that are very good dancers.  very good as in everyone-stops-and-a-circle-forms-around-them good.

after the long day was over, they said good-bye and disappeared into the limo.  what may have started out seemingly a disaster ended in the sweetest of ways.  congrats tim and laura.  thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives in such an intricate and loving way.  see you at mo’s.