big sexy

by Amy

that’s what his mama calls him…big sexy.  just sometimes but it is perhaps the cutest nickname i have ever heard.  and he owns it.  this is magnus.  he is only seven days old but in case he had a complex, i made sure to remind him he didn’t look a day over 5.  he sighed with content.

did you know his parents own and operate their own mini donut business?  yeah!  i know.  go from donuts in a fryer to a bun in the oven.  i love me some donuts but i gotta tell ya…magnus is the sweetest thing they have made so far.

this baby is so cool, he even has a vineyard. sike.  but how rad to be so little and already have your name in print like that?  and how cool is his mama to find something like that?

magnus is at that amazing and adorable stage where he is all squishy and bendy and adorable.  did i mention he is adorable?  if my skin flaked the way his did, i would have to start collecting cats for friends.  but him, being big sexy, looks so adorable in his peeling, newborn skin with his long, soft, baby body hair and perfect subtle baby smell.  i would have much rather been holding him than my camera.

he wears cloth diapers that are cuter than anything i have ever seen.  yeah, the ladies at the playdates will be swoonin’ over this fella.

oh to be coddled in mama’s arms.  i am not taking it personal that he cried a bit/a lot whenever i was around but i will say, he very much loved for mama to hold him.  i very much loved those new man wrinkles that formed when she cradled his head in her hands.

magnus, you. are. perfection.  and about that two weeks late thing…lets forget such harsh words and call it what it is…a grand entrance.  big sexy style.  see you next week lil man.  i promise i will try not to make you cry.

ps.  can i have my heart back?