big difference

by Amy

she gave it to me as a gift.  she is SO thoughtful, noticed i had pinned it on pinterest and bought it for my sweet baby boy because…well…nothing could be more perfect.  thanks sis!  she knows that more often times than not, my kids are exactly that.  my assistants.  they help me pack my bags before a shoot, they fill up my waterbottle with ice and diet coke and lecture me on the importance of water instead of my choice drink.  my five year old boy sits in my lap and tells me how pretty all the pictures of the brides are.  i think he just likes the brides but it warms my heart that he compliments the entire picture.

that is just the admin side.  on the creative side, they are also there to assist me.  new lens?  boom!  need a face to shoot and they are there.  sweet moment?  kablam!  camera on timer and they wait patiently for me to jump back in the scene.  adorable outfit from auntie liz?  shamwow!  jonah was on it!  he modeled for me while the other kids oohed and ahhed over how cute he looked in his new getup.

but let’s not get confused.  us creative minds have to be very careful what we ask our kids to do.  jonah?  i promise.  i did not mean to make you look like an ass.

love you even still, mama.

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