beyond awesome

by Amy

she kept telling me they were awkward.  that we didn’t need to spend much time on the shoot because they didn’t know what they were doing and they just wanted a few family photos.  they were the farthest thing from awkward.  more like awesome to me.

i love this family.  they are my church family.  that tall guy?  he is the pastor at my church.  that pretty lady by his side?  she plays with my youngest every sunday so i can sit in big church.  those two girls?  rockstars.  i just met lauren and loved her instantly but i already knew audrey and found much appreciation in the thick amounts of sarcasm we share.

washington weather, as lovely as it is, gave us a hard time that morning.  fear of frizz, a lust for soup from a local “ta-die-for” cafe and soggy soggyness made for a really quick shoot.  i am so stoked to give them their photos and show them know how we conquered that bad weather!   and that they are the farthest thing from awkward.