beautiful heart

by Amy

they weren’t sure if their sweet baby girl was going to live.  only getting to hold her for minutes at a time, they waited patiently by her side, longing for the next bundle of time with their sweet bundle.

Children’s Hospital in Seattle was a temporary home while reagan’s doctor tried everything he could to fix her little malfunctioning heart.  what an amazing hospital.  what amazing nurses and doctors.

after hearing about what they were going through, my heart broke.  i couldn’t even imagine it.  i couldn’t picture that sweet baby having to go through such things or how those two amazing people could stay so strong through it all.

they knew before she was born, that her heart would need some assistance.  they knew that there was a chance she wouldn’t make it out of that surgery.  so they waited for updates, waited for healing and put their trust in an amazing doctor, Dr. Cohen.

i am so thankful they allowed me to come share in their 15 minutes of time with her.  i am so thankful that i got to witness such amazing strength in such a scary time.  I am so thankful for that sweet baby and the amazing things that have come from her splendid story.

she needed breathing treatments at certain times.  it was amazing to hear wes talk about what she needed and the reasons.  you could tell he spent every extra minute studying and memorizing the details of her condition.  he should probably have a phD by now.

it is true.  you have never witnessed more loving parents than Robin and Wes.

reagan just turned two years old and is the happiest, most adorable little girl you have ever seen.  she has these adorably fat cheeks you just want to squeeze and the most beautiful red hair.  to see the whole story, watch the video at the bottom of this post.  this family truly is amazing!  thank you Robin, Wes and Reagan for allowing me in to such a special moment.  i am forever touched…

to make a donation to the Hope For Hearts Guild  to help raise money for the Cardiac Surgery Education Fund, please do so by clicking here.  By providing monetary support to the Cardiac Center at Seattle Children’s Hospital, they will someday be able to perform these complex repairs, such as Reagan’s in a much less invasive way, with more consistent and positive outcomes.  thank you.

Elliott Bay Productions produced, directed and edited the video, “Reagan’s Story” to benefit uncompensated care at Seattle Children’s Hospital.