baby addy

by Amy

she is here!  and she is perfect!  and she could hardly stand to wait for her sneak peak…so here it is!

see?  perfect.  i could stare at her all day.

they kinda love her…

big sis was my fav to watch.  when addy was in momma’s tummy, sis didn’t seem too thrilled.  she didn’t really want to give up her game room.  she didn’t really want to hear cries.  she didn’t really want to lose her spot in the limelight.  but that has all faded.  so much love.  and so much generosity.  big sis is awesome with addy.

and daddy?  he has this magic touch with baby.  he calmed her down seconds with this patented move he has.  like i said before, i have know james for a long time.  all the fun stuff we have done together…this is the best thing ever.  to see him cuddle his baby girl and adore every minute of it.  love.

see you tomorrow sweet girl.  i can’t wait to snuggle you lots more.