awaiting kate

by Amy

When we met, nine years ago, she was certain she and her husband didn’t want to have kids.    I remember telling her things like “Well, I am glad you know exactly what you want!” and “It’s totally fine!  Not everyone wants to have kids and that is ok!” and it was.  But the years passed by…

She ended up having roughly thirty kids at one point.  She’s an amazing first grade teacher and loves her students as if they are her very own offspring.  I truly admire that in her.  She loved those kids like no teacher I have ever met.  But I could tell she was maybe changing her mind.

Then I remembered that one conversation where she shared that yeah…maybe…maybe they did want to have kids.  Maybe.  I watched her through transatlantic moves, deployments, loss of loved ones, and the ups and downs of a life devoted to the military.   I was reminded of how amazing she is.  And how I could just see her being a spectacular mother.  While you can’t say things like this to someone who isn’t sure if they want kids or not, I really could envision her love and devotion and affection towards a child of her own someday.  As much as I love motherhood, I so desperately wanted her to feel that incredible feeling too!

Then, one day…it happened.  I watched one of my dearest friends grow through a handful of years to find that yes, she and her husband did want to check out this whole ‘let’s have a baby’ thang.  Guys?!  Have you ever seen such a thing?  Have you ever seen the joy in people as they look forward to the potential of adding a smallish someone to their core unit?  It’s awesome friends.  It really is.  And how lucky are we, when we get to be alongside those people we love, as we witness them grow and change in not only their minds but…that gloriously burgeoning bump?

For the first time in our long and wonderful friendship, Jen and I live in the same boundary lines.  There are no oceans or full-sized continents between us.  We are far enough to get a few chapters into an audio book but close enough to call without going broke.  And she lets me be there, to share some giggles and watch her grow.  We might not have had the best weather (literally raining sideways with gale force winds on their way) for our shoot but what a joy to spend an evening with my dear Jen as she patiently waited for baby Kate to arrive.

Her knight in shining armor was deployed for the entire pregnancy. [insert sad face emoji]  She has since given birth to baby Kate (I know…sorry for the late post) and it was the greatest joy to see Geoff made it home in time for his beautiful daughter’s arrival.  So while he didn’t get to be in any of our maternity photos (I know Geoff…you will probably never sleep well again knowing you missed a photo session!!!) it is just so awesome that he arrived home for Kate…

And to see your lovely bride in her full, glowing expectancy!

Doesn’t she just take your breath away?!

Thank you Jen (and Geoff!).  Thank you for your friendship from day one to the way you include me in your life to this day.  Thank you for your amazing thoughtfulness AT ALL TIMES and for speaking my love language.  I am not sure that I will every truly be able to express to you what a joy it was watching you grow into this place you are now.  I loved you when you didn’t have/want kids but guuuuuuuuurl….I love being able to share mommyhood with you now!   You amaze me in a million ways and I feel so blessed to be considered your friend.  You rock carrying an over NINE POUND baby like nobody’s business (seriously…look at her!) and I am honored that you allowed me to photograph such a special time in your life.  Love you sweet friend!  Thank you!