all smiles

by Amy

at the beginning of the session, i usually ask for some insider info on the little people i am about to work with.  things they like, stuff that makes them giggle and ways that i can get them to warm up to me quickly so we can make the most out of our time together.  “he’s pretty serious…don’t worry if you don’t get a lot of smiles” daddy told me.  good to know.  i always love a good challenge!

i was a little sad not to have an excuse to do my favorite silly dance to get kids giggling.  mom and dad said they might need it but it turns out…mr man was all smiles on this gray and rainy seattle day!  momma’s magical laughter and daddy’s endearing smile probably had nothing to do with it.  those kind of things aren’t at all contagious right?!

i loved watching sebby decide who is favorite parent was for each moment.  no-momma-all-daddy at one point and then all-momma-no-daddy the next.  the best part is, he loved his momma and daddy.

picking his current favorite was a win win i might add.  one got a break for tired arms and the other got all the sweetest snuggles in the world!  and to me, every single smile was like this unexpected gift!  my mouth was honestly sore for smiling at his smiles for an hour!  such a worthwhile pain…

it started to rain just a bit and prepared momma had brought along two umbrellas ‘just in case’.  one of them disappeared (they are just batons being passed around the world right?) at the market but sebby made sure to take care of the one remaining.  he was so cute, strolling down the cobblestone streets all sophisticated and debonaire with his pea-coat and umbrella.  such a stud!

aren’t they just the most beautiful family?!  it was also really special that we were able to do their pictures at pike place market.  the last photo shoot they had done there was their engagement photos so i am super excited for them to have some images to coordinate with the first set and show how life has changed since then.  love bringing the history in to it!

sebby got an apple at the market.  a fresh organic apple that he did not want to let go.  perfect fall prop for a session at the market and of course, to coordinate with his outfit.

thank you sebby and family.  your laughter truly was contagious and i thoroughly enjoyed our morning at the market!  sebby…your smiles were the most generous gift and i thank you for sharing them with me.