a walk in the new

by Amy

walking in the woods does not sound pleasant to me.  the woods, at least where i am from, brings up awful flashes of serial killers and other such unfortunate thoughts.  one of the things i was most looking forward to, when moving back to germany, was the gorgeous walking paths found strewn about the country.  beautiful and colorful and peaceful.  i am not afraid of the woods here.  or at least, i am getting more comfortable.  plus, walks are always better with friends.

meet our new friends.  seriously people?  their kids are the exact same ages as ours, they are super fun and they homeschool?  how perfect is that?!  we enjoyed our new feelings towards the woods with our new friends to go walking with.  additionally, taking nine kids anywhere is best done in the wild.  we don’t look as crazy out there!

my oldest has always had friends that are boys.  she has a few girl friends that she really adores but unfortunately, doesn’t get to spend much time with them as of late.  it is so nice to see her have a girl friend to giggle with, the play pretend with and to chat about girl things with.  anna really is an answer to prayer.

the colors here are amazing.  my breath was taken right out of my face on more than ten occasions.  the kids’ giggles, the sun streaming through the branches, the crispy air that can’t decide whether it belongs to fall or winter and the company of a smiling friend?  what a perfect welcome to our new home away from home.

so excited for more of these walks.  hoping to spend more time with these friends.  looking forward to being less scared of forests.  and thankful for the never-ending cocoa that our hotel offers.  tschuss internet!  follow along with our adventures in our new city.  you know my camera is always with me!