a visible wind

by Amy

sometimes, we need a little help from our friends.  you know, to make fun or beautiful (or both) images.  the wind was not cooperating with us during my great idea so lindsay was the designated wind.  wanna see how?

i use photoshop cs5 for my fine tune editing and it has this awesome feature called Content Aware.  I drew (with the lasso tool) the marching ants around the lovely Linds and hit Delete, which starts the mammal removing process.

BOOM!  magic.  she is gone and cs5 filled in the gaps as best as it could.  pretty darn good, right?  after i turned off the marching ants that formed her silhouette, i started using the clone tool to stamp out all the obvious spots that still needed work.

vwalla!  the final image.  along with removing a real life person out of the image, i did a little lightening up of the handsome groom’s face and a slight color/contrast pop to complete the image.  i love me some actions and primarily use kubota, totally rad, red leaf and eye candy.  maybe i will be like the cool kids someday, who make their own actions but for now, i will take what i can get!

and now you know what wind looks like!

specific actions used:  Digital Fill Flash & Daily Multi Vitamin from Kubota