a new sister for me

by Amy

my little bro…he’s getting married.  hard to believe but yet so overdue!  😉  sweet tarrah and my brother have been together for almost/over ten years now and we were all anxiously awaiting the day he would pop the question.

he proposed while they were on a trip in florida and i don’t think i have seen tarrah more happy.  they are planning this amazing wedding for next year in hawaii and i am so honored they asked me to photograph the blessed event.  and did i mention that she cried sweet tears of happiness when given her pictures?  best reaction evah!

josh couldn’t  have chosen a better or more perfect partner to spend his life with.  she is sweet and stylish, crafty and creative, and she loves my brother to pieces.  some people even think we look like we are sisters!

isn’t she beyond gorgeous?  and her eyes…

i love watching her and josh giggle.  he has this awesome way of bringing out the smiles in her!  while he may be a bit shy, he really has a soft heart and i am so stoked that tarrah is the one who will hold it for him.

tarrah and josh were such good sports!  we had about 30 minutes of time to shoot before total and utter downpour!  of course, since they are such a good lookin couple, we had no problem getting plenty of photos for such a short session.

thank you josh and tarrah.   thank you for being such wonderful and thoughtful family.  thank you for asking me to be the one to capture your big day.  thanks for choosing hawaii (duh?!) and for all the hard work you are doing to make sure that the family gathering will be so special for everyone involved.  josh…i know we picked on you something fierce as you were growing up but you know it was in love.  and tarrah…i could not ask for a more amazing sister [in law if we have to get technical].  enjoy the rest of your engagement and i can’t wait to see you both soon!

tarrah’s beautiful makeup was done by Annastina Make Up Artist.  Look her up and like her facebook fan page as well!