a happy blue

by Amy

the arrows taunted us as we made our way home.  they promised fresh berries in a small field.  it was sunset and we had no where to be, so we played the maze of houses, made a few wrong turns and ended up in a double wide’s drive way.  and it was there.  a small, fruity oasis in the middle of the suburbs with yummy bits of dessert to harvest and claim as your own.  so we made a trip of it, and invited the cousins and all was well with the world.

her first taste.  involuntary facial movements and a slight jig of her cowboy boots told me she liked.

there berries were of less interest to him than the magical little trails that seemed to go on forever.  “follow me, mama!  i know da way!” and “dis way mama!  i see some big ones ober der!”

the littles ate more than they saved.  purple stained lips, empty buckets and smiles all around.

it really did feel magical.  far away even though it was right there.  quiet and natural and amazing.  serendipity.

the cousins enjoyed it as well.  conner and his big, adorable smile and avery with her bucket of loot…the perfect companions for an impromptu adventure!

she is so serious when she picks.  making sure she gets the ripe, big ones and making sure her tub is getting heavier.

as you go to weigh your berries, you can stop to pick out the bad ones.  sort through them to make sure no crazies fell in the bucket.  with a bossy, big sister’s help of course.

whatever shall we do with all these berries?  caelan tells me a cobbler is a must while corbin just wants to eat them right out of the bowl.  either way sounds good to me.

cousins and berries and summer sunsets and adventures…all the sweetest things.