a good kinda payne

by Amy

she approached me over a year ago about this session.  she claimed she had to have this and there was lots of rapid hand movements as she spoke.  she was serious.  i was humbled.  she is a friend, a meal-maker-and-deliverer-for-you-when-you’ve-just-had-a-baby, a bible-study-grouper, a play-dater and an amazing florist whom i have had the pleasure of working with only one time.  and he makes fun of me when i say something stupid.  which is quite often.  and it always makes me laugh.  i kinda like them.  all.

we played and giggled and watched critters in the water.  we tried to convince three year old ellie that the LAST thing she wanted to do was listen to me…just to try and get her to do ANYTHING near what i was hoping to capture.  that may back fire later in life but it was really fun during our session!

and i was blessed to see a whole new side of them.  to see how daddy was ellie’s world and mommy made carly light up.  to see them together as a couple, as a family and as relaxed as they could be on a sunny evening down by the docks.  it made me love them even more!

ellie and i bonded over the lorax.  i found carly’s tickle spots (her entire body) and we explored the historic downtown of the good ol Gig.  it was magical.

she kept me on my toes.  such an imagination.  such desire to know.  such a card.

a beautiful evening with a beautiful family.  thank you jeff and kristin and ellie and carly.  thank you for making me feel so so so so special by choosing me to photograph your family.  thank you for the cuddles with the girls, the endless supportive friendship over the years and the lovely thank you card.  did you know it is the first thank you card someone has given me at a session?  golly gee willickers you know how to make a girl blush!  i loved getting to know you all even better and i take back that comment about blondes…