by Amy

“i will watch your kids and give you my free tickets that include a meet-n-greet with the band before the show.  can you go?” she says.

can you turn that down?  we didn’t.

Himmelfahrt (translated = ascension) festival was awesome.  we got there just as Fireflight was finishing up and loved the bit that we saw.  Martin Smith was up next and gave a stellar performance too.  we just couldn’t wait to see Skillet.

we were in the right place at the right time (or maybe because i was smiling like a bozo and holding my camera up in the air) to score a press pass to be able to go to the front front.  you know…before the front row front.  where you get spit on front.  where the flinging sweat and crowd surfers hit you front.  it was an awesome front.

of course, Skillet rocked da house and we left there deaf and happy.  i loved seeing how another culture rocks out and worships along with a Christian band.  they have some powerful things to say with their lyrics and in between songs.  plus they were just downright rad.  and the drummer (who i couldn’t get any photos of as it was my first time in “the pit” and i guess i wasn’t aggressive enough) was this petite little red head who KILLED it!  she was AMAZING!!!  check out their music, definitely see them in concert and most importantly, always accept an offer for date night!

thank you taryn, for watching our kids (they love you and have requested more of you!) and thanks to MWR Stuttgart and AFN Stuttgart for giving out the tickets.  we had a blast and really appreciate all your hard work to get awesome bands for us to see!  thank you!!