rocked my world

by Amy

this family.  they took a chance on me, they invited me in and they rocked my world.

and this little woman….she is my second favorite caelin in the world.  she is pretty stinkin awesome!

when my business was new and growing, they let me photography finley.  fin was four months old at the time and just look at her now.  big girl, full of giggles and life and energy.  and i…lil ol me…got to watch her and her beautiful big sister grow!

and ozzie too!  such a love and the easiest dog to be around.  he is so important that if he doesn’t make the Christmas card, all hell breaks loose!  😉

one of things i love most about photographing this family is how much the girls love their daddy.  he is so sweet and fun with them and it is so clear they adore him.

and tara?  what a mommy she is!  as she recounts sweet moments with her girls or shows off the beautiful pictures they create, she glows with love for these little ladies.  i can only imagine the lovely memories these girls will have when they get older.

thank you Tara and Brian.  thank you for allowing me to photograph your family over the years.  you have no idea how much of an honor it has been to watch you all grow.  thank you for spreading my name far and wide to help my little business grow.  thank you for being my “display family” and my “what to wear family”.  and thank you C and Fin.  thank you for playing with me and listening to me and sharing your jelly beans with me.  thank you for inviting me to dinner and showing me your room and tackle-hugging me.  you bring so much joy to my world and i look forward to watching your grow…just from a bit farther away for a while.  love you all!