Month: March, 2016

Easter Sunday

It was a quiet little Easter over here in the land of the morning calm.  Papa was traveling so it was just us for the first half of the day but oh what a blessed day it was!  We somehow managed to get up and out to the sunrise service at our church without me screaming […]

noryangjin fish market in seoul

A friend called early one morning, to see if we wanted to join him for a quick run to the local fish market.  He is an amazing chef and always serving up the best seafood dishes so we had to go and meet his dealer, maybe try a little for ourselves.  Of course, I went […]

can you hear me now

So you might notice my posting a multitude of things on dyslexia. It is a real adventure in our home and I am CONSTANTLY learning, right along side my daughter, how best to work with the challenges she faces. She loves to write stories but gets upset when others can’t read her pages riddled with spelling […]