Month: October, 2015

Seoul Searching

When I used to daydream about all the beautiful places to travel and amazing places to see, my mind had not yet experienced an Asian culture.  It was like a color I had never seen and couldn’t even imagine.  In some ways, I feel like I finally have eyes to see. I have only been […]

beef and leaf

I met Korean BBQ today.  I think we are in love.  Unfortunately, I think I met the best Korean BBQ place in Itaewon (or so most review sites say) so it’s either all down hill from here or I need to be gracious to all others?  Maple Leaf in Itaewon drew me in on the […]

Itaewon Seoul

Our new home city.  Seoul, South Korea.  After being here for two weeks and ONLY focusing on setting up house, we celebrated the completion by exploring one of the nearby neighborhoods.  I might have squealed with joy as we walked through the gate on post and entered ACTUAL Seoul (base feels like America to me) and […]