Month: August, 2015

and two became three

They cryptically hinted at their pregnancy exactly one year ago while I was living way too far away.  I smacked my husband in the arm and told him I KNEW they were pregnant and then got really dramatic and complainey about how I didn’t get to be there for all the photo ops!  I even […]

ryan the great

Meet Ryan.  He plays tennis like a boss and rocks those piano keys in the band.  His sense of humor of is on point and he was SO easy to photograph!  My favorite part about our evening?  I barely had to help him prepare for a photo.  He was straight zoolander and just knew what to […]

jordan and tara

These two.  He wooed her by singing a Justin Bieber song in the most obvious manner.  She giggled in embarrassment but those lyrics (and his amazing voice obviously) won her over. Later, they shared the open mic at a coffee shop, serenading the guests (but really just each other) to She Is and Beautiful Disaster. He […]

the most thoughtful of gifts

Once upon a time, they asked me to be their photographer on the day of their wedding.  I fell in love with them and their ridiculously special ways and yesterday, they blew me away all over again. Its been four years since that beautiful, blessed union took place.  This weekend, they opened their charming home […]

for this child we have prayed

Just when you think your heart is going to burst… Congratulations Carroll Family.  It is truly an honor to call you friends and to be included in the most cherished moments of your lives.   Five years ago, they gifted me the privilege of photographing their intimate, beach-side wedding, surround by their favorite people.   […]