Month: January, 2015

all the pretty cards

Christmas cards.  Holiday greetings from people near and far.  Something I look forward to making and sending every year, after a brief period of questioning why I put myself through the financial, mental and physical stress of it all.  Don’t get me wrong…I absolutely love picking out the fun photos to use, making the card (with a template […]

oh darling...let's be adventurers

It’s time for us to move again!  While we have absolutely LOVED our time here in Germany, the job needs us elsewhere.  And so….we are off… TO KOREA!  South.  In case you lost your marbles or haven’t seen the news.  Ever. That is right! Come the end of this summer, we will be off to […]

element of fun

I love presenting the subjects my kids are learning in a variety of forms.  Hands on learning (gonna get all hippy-dippy-touchey-feeley on ya!) using all the senses just seems to resonate with people.  While one of my kids may remember the textures and shapes of something we are learning about, another might remember the lettering […]