Month: June, 2014

so...this family

sometimes i wonder if you guys, my dear readers, get sick of the sappy stories i write about my clients.  if you think i might make it all up, just to fill spaces in between photos.  well, do you know what i get sick of?  falling in love with the most amazing people all the […]

for aana

i haven’t known aana for very long.  in fact, i wasn’t even aware of her cancer story until this evening as i walked along side people who held her hand during chemo or prayed over her in her pain.  she is electric. back home, my amazing mother coordinates and walks for a relay for life […]

featured: the real kind

i did this awkward happy dance when i saw the link on facebook.  my kids thought i hurt myself and just stared at me with concern. “I have been FEATURED!!  On a super cool website!!  IT JUST WENT LIVE!”, i half yelled, half hisspered at them! they looked so confused.  i forget they don’t know […]