Month: May, 2014

bridges and fishes

it was off to the side of the road, across a sunrise lit field and seemingly not any more interesting than all the other rad bridges we had passed so far that morning.  with a meet up time for fishing with friends, it was a quick weight and balance of ‘good idea and be a […]

they are love

let’s talk about these people.  let’s talk about how they are probably the most loved family i have ever known.  why?  because they give love.  they are love to SO many people around the world, from the many places they have lived and the many families they have crossed paths with, that if you are […]

dating my daughter

there are certain things my husband does for our kids that just blow me away.  one of those being the time that he gives them.  in just a 24 hour period, on top of a very busy work schedule, I have watched him play board games, read books, and do garden projects with the kids. […]