Month: January, 2014

our first snow

it has snowed within an hour of our house but nothing that has stuck so far.  after last years seemingly endless winter, i was really missing the snow.  we woke up to such a lovely surprise this morning…a wintery wonderland to explore on the way to kindergarten! it always makes me laugh to see life […]

can I love you?

over a year ago, we sat next to them at a restaurant.  she was magical with a glowing smile and he was an impressive yet modest man.  instant adoration.  we kept in touch and discussed the possibility of photographing the baby they would one day have.  one year later, those baby wishes are snuggled warmly […]

on creating things...

there is a love in me to create things.  beautiful things.  it doesn’t matter the medium, i find such joy and accomplishment in making lovely things for myself and others to enjoy.  the presentation of food, the warmth and comfort created in a home space or the wrapping of a well thought out gift…i love […]