Month: March, 2013

freshly folded

some days?  you just need to dump a pile of laundry on the baby and go with it. that’s all.

dust and light

he’s in his own little four year old world.  the little guy on the left, i mean. not hearing us, not responding to us…just doing his own thing because his head is in the middle of something we can’t see.  a thought process, a counting, an imaginative dream cloud.  we feel like we are always […]

welcome home

i drove as fast as i could to get there.  i couldn’t miss this.  thank you germany, for allowing my minivan to feel the wind in er hair! preparations.  waiting.  it was a long and arduous game. you miss a lot in a deployment.  birthdays, anniversaries, holidays.  christmas presents will just have to join in […]

natural symmetry

week 10 of my photography challenge group = finding symmetry in nature.  a bit harder than you would expect.  after a little nature walk and a card full of images i felt meh about them all.  but then…this little sprout caught my attention.  as my daughter pointed out, it’s “double symmetry!”. afterward, turned around to […]


checkin out this little troublemake through the key hole and got caught. #projectlife365 #troublemaker